Stop it brain

To the moon and back.



take me into your loving arms, kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

stop it kevo, it’s gonna eat you up

I am burritoed but it’s so cold without you. I miss you, even if it’s only been a few hours. So much.


Hi i only saw this today

fuck my insecurities

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. 


I cannot believe it has already been a whole year. I remember everything just like it happened yesterday.

"Ken, Ken!", my grandpa shouted for my mum.

I quickly bolt out of bed, forgetting my glasses. I hear his cries. Everything is blurred but my eyes widen in disbelief as I reach the bottom of the staircase… He has fallen and he can’t get up. I call out for my mum, she’s locked outside, panicking and anxious. 

"Open the door!", she screams. 

I am flustered but my legs aim for the door to unlock it. Me and my mum return to my grandpa, lying on the floor, torso upright and legs spread apart on the floor. Both my grandpa and my mum tell me to go upstairs, and get ready for school. Insisting that everything is alright. I quickly get ready, my heart racing and adrenaline pumping. 


I return from school. It’s ~3:18 PM or thereabouts.

I ask, “How’s grandpa?”

"He’s in the hospital" mum replies.

A loud gasp escapes my mouth wondering how he might be at this very moment.

"Can we visit, mum?" I ask. 

"We’ll go tonight." she replies. 


"Wow, Liverpool hospital is so nice! It shits on the Fairfield one", I say to myself as we walk through the hospital lobby. A moment of solace I think.

"It really is nice" Julie replies. 

We reach grandpa’s room. I see my uncles and aunties, surrounding his bed as I enter the door. He’s tired and weak from his surgery but he is happy, he broke his hip I think. His loud laugh fills my ears, and his large smile is contagious. Happiness engulfs the room. “Grandpa’s gonna be alright”, I think to myself. The doctors and nurses agree that he will be fine, too and they say that he’ll be fine to come home tomorrow. Great news.


Tomorrow has come, grand 

My largest regret though, is that even living with you for so many years in our home, I never really got to know you or learn about you, rather I spent it locked up in my room, doing nothing, learning nothing. And for that, I am truly, truly sorry. 

I miss you. You are one of the greatest men in my life. Rest in peace, you deserve it.